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Bakery Batch Weighing System
December 18, 2014

Bakery Batch Weighing System

Matrix Controls provides accurate SAGE 500 integrated traceability, ensures product consistency and, essential to any profit margin, virtually eliminates scrap batches.

In addition, the Bakery Batch Weighing System also controls Average Weight legislation conformance and helps to ensure a consistent product with regard to size, shape and texture.

Bakery Batch Weighing System

To Jackson’s Bakery, this is fundamental to their core values of providing their customers with value for money products, integrity and trustworthiness. Jackson’s Bakery is part of the William Jackson Food Group, with its first store opening in Hull in 1851. Since then, the bakery has continued to flourish and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Now producing over one million loaves of bread per week, equating to more than 9 million sandwiches, Jackson’s knew they needed state-of-the-art Bakery Batch Weighing System which could guarantee every batch was right first time. One of the additional adMatrixs of the new Recipe Formulation System is its function which allows the daily production requirements to be pulled from their SAGE line 500 ERP System.

These are then displayed on the Matrix Touch Screen enabling the Operators to select from the list of requirements, eliminating the need for a paper production schedule or a manual transfer of production data to a database. In the same way, Lot Numbers of each of the raw ingredients are recorded in the Bakery Batch Weighing System, providing a comprehensive audit trail which meets the requirements of most leading auditors.

No matter how well trained or conscientious an Operator, there is always the human error risk factor. The Bakery Batch Weighing System system eliminates this risk by prompting Operators through the recipe formulation process one ingredient at a time. This ensures that the weighing tolerances are met and no over or under weighing occurrences can spoil a batch, which can be a costly mistake.

Information relating to Lot Number, Batch Number, Ingredient Usage and Operator Productivity is captured and sent to SAGE line 500 ensuring that the accounting department have the very latest information and there is no delay normally experienced with paper based reporting.

After the batches have been weighed, mixed and baked, the finished loaves are sampled using the Matrix ‘Average Weight / SPC’ System. This sampling process involves operators taking samples from each batch of product and placing them onto the high resolution scale connected to a Matrix terminal.

The weights are then recorded and the operators have a clear set of instructions to follow in the event of a T1 or T2 weight occurrence. After the samples have been taken, a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ scenario is presented to the operators and the data is recorded electronically on the Server PC for interrogation by trading standards at a later date.

Paul Berry, Technical Manager at Jackson’s comments on the system “We have relied upon Matrix Controls’ weighing systems since the early 90’s and in that time they have become an essential tool. We take for granted the control the systems give us for product consistency, legal compliance and raw ingredient usage and for that reason we took their latest product without hesitation.

The latest integration with SAGE line 500 means we have one source of information instead of lots of small applications all out of sync with each other. The products work extremely well and we are proud of our investment.”

Matrix Controls Comments comments “‘We were delighted to find out that we’d been selected to upgrade Jackson’s Bakery to the next generation of Bakery Batch Weighing System. We regard Jackson’s, like all of our customers, as a long term and mutually beneficial partnership and we’re delighted to work with them! The wholesale brand market has always been of primary focus to Matrix Controls and we have a long list of clients within the sector and our experience goes a long way with them.


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