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December 4, 2015

Fast Food Needs Fast Traceability

If your traceability goal is rapid compliance with FDA, FSMA, BRC, SQF or AIB – or if you need to meet quality standards set by retailers & restaurants.  Matrix Controls has a proven, ‘worry free’ manufacturing traceability solution.

3 Questions….

Q1. Does it take more than 5 seconds to track all ingredients from receiving > shipping?

Q2. Do you manually record lot numbers past the receiving point?

Q3. Do employees complete any manual lot traceability paperwork or ERP entry?

If you have answered YES to any question, contact Matrix Controls – The Leader in Production Floor Efficiency & Traceability.

So what is it?

A unique combination of software and hardware which ‘bridges the gap’ between shop floor manufacturing operations and the management level ERP System.  Eliminating costly, inefficient paper records and organizing real-time data in a method highly suited to supplier or customer led product recall. Compliments dozens of ERP Systems.

Is it affordable?

Proven to generate a 6 month payback by reducing waste and bad batches, eliminating manual data entry inventory management.  Installed at over 2000 class leading global enterprises.

Is this for me?

The solution is ideal for bakeries, food & beverage, meat, chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare.  Any complex manufacturing company that values product quality, working efficiently and cost reduction.

“What? Product Recalls? It’ll never happen to us


I’m Interested…  What’s the Process…

We start with an on-line demonstration to understand what makes your business different.  The demonstration is industry specific and emulates manufacturing processes.  Then we show you how the payback is generated and how to achieve a 5 second product recall!

Contact Matrix Controls to get started.


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