Assembly Line Portion Conntrol

Keep Topping Weight Consistent & Save Money!

Line Portion Control

Vantage Assembly Line Portion Control System prevents costly production line ingredient giveaway and ensures ‘on budget’, consistent finished products – linking Cardinal Storm 190 WiFi Scales to a Vantage Line Portion Control Terminal.

The simple to use line management software ensures that each element of the final product is correctly portioned within the weight tolerances set by management, removing the control from the shop floor operators.

‘Take-away’ mode allows full containers of product to be zeroed, enabling operators to weigh out portions using loss in weight with auto-zero, eliminating the need for operators to tare scales between portions.

Line Portion Control allows a rapid payback on proteins and other high value commodities where the accuracy of the portion is critical to the profitability of a business.

Assembly Line Portion Control

User Friendly Touch Screens

The Vantage PCS allows managers to setup the wifi cardinal storm 190 scales on a production line using a Touch Screen PC in production.

Select the product (from the job list) and book in operators, scales and lot numbers (validated against inventory).  The system will show current Packs Per Minute (PPM) against Target.

The simple to use user interface (HMI) enables multi level password protection and very clear, easy to navigate screens and menu setup.

Years of production can be stored safely on Windows Servers, ensuring visits from customers and regulators are short, using accurate data based on real time production weight data.

Hardware Specifications

Built for extreme-use applications in the weighing industry, the American-made Cardinal 190 STORM’s IP69K-rated polycarbonate enclosure withstands high-temperature (up to 176º F / 80º C), high-pressure wash downs (1450 PSI).

The 190 STORM features capacitive touch keys, 1-inch-high clearly visible LCD digits, built-in RS232 or WiFi communications port, and versatile power options: AC, DC, and rechargeable battery.

The 190 STORM’s bright, vivid display changes color automatically as the pre-assigned target weights are reached. The operator knows immediately when they’ve reached the acceptable weight range based on the amber, green, or red color changes for UNDER, ACCEPT, or OVER weights. NTEP, OIML, and Measurement Canada.