Textiles Productivity Management

Circular & Flat Knitting Quality Management Systems

Quality Measurement

Continuous Fabric Defect Scanning eliminates waste rolls from running defects. Point defects are counted providing data to pinpoint problem machines/styles.

Prompted Inspection Cycles ensure visual inspection of fabric on a periodic basis for flaws not detected by optical fabric scanners.  Yarn Consumption is also continuously measured to maximize fabric yield and eliminating costly yarn overfeeding.

Efficiency Data for Control

Machine Stops are categorized and time stamped providing management with data to determine what variables to address- Machine, knitting elements, operators, housekeeping.

Stop down times are also documented for operators and management to analyze ways to increase efficiency.  Machine speed is monitored and compared with standard to ensure machines/fabric styles  are running at optimum speed.

Real Time Production Display

Management can see at a glance the status of machines, orders and operators.  Stop time, Stop reason, Out of Tolerance  Machine Speed  and Yarn Consumption is displayed for immediate remedial action.

Machine Stop declarations are displayed so that management knows at a glance why a machine is stopped and for how long. Mechanics can schedule repairs based on machine priority and anticipated repair duration.

Maximizes cleaning, minimizes air and oil usage. Guarantees the machine will be cleaned and lubricated on a continuous basis 24/7.  Knitting Element life is measured real time and replacement can be scheduled minimizing the time between machine tear down.