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May 26, 2015

Weighing Review Feature Article

Matrix Controls (USA) – Biscottes Roger is a family company with nearly 70 years of heritage. Today the company is led by family members Roger & Eric Sarret and located in beautiful Aix, in the south of France. Today, the company produces a diverse range of crackers and croutons for the discerning United States export market.

In order to preserve the family recipes and optimize the production formulation process, the current CEO Eric Sarret turned to Matrix Controls for help.

Two Vantage Automatic Liquid Dispensing System manage a series of industrial weighing scale systems with connection to the liquid ingredient dispensing controls. A PLC controls the switchgear for the liquid ingredients being pumped from the bulk containers, through the feed lines and into the mixing bowl. The Automatic Liquid Dispensing System allows liquids to be automatically dispensed into the mixing bowl at the correct target quantity, without human intervention.

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