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Backward Traceability Report

As a major food manufacturer, handling a fussy auditor is one thing, but handling a recall from a major customer is another.

It can be a deal breaker if you’re unable to produce accurate traceability within hours.  The longer the recall takes, the less confidence your customer will have in your product and recall systems.

Customer led recalls, often termed ‘Backwards Traceability’ can put companies into huge loss-making propositions.  If producing and distributing fresh product – ‘pull everything’ may be a solution.  However, pulling everything from the shelves is costly, time consuming for the distributor and expensive for everybody.

Companies producing frozen products cannot simply ‘pull everything’.  Withdrawing 6 months of production because a recall cannot be completed quickly can be catastrophic and sometimes the end of the business.

Backward Traceability Report

For this reason, SG Systems has developed the ‘Backward Traceability Report’.  This report takes ingredient usage information from the receiving, production and shipping departments and links the data together in a user-friendly format.  The report allows the user to simply enter the finished goods batch/lot number and the data will show all the manufacturing steps for the recipe with the ingredients used in the batch.

All the batch steps are date & time stamped, with location, lot, and ingredient usage.

The Backward Traceability Report removes the administration from traceability and gives you complete peace of mind that you can act quickly and responsively if you need to.