ERP / Accounts Integration

Boost your ERP System with real time production floor data!

ERP Gateway

ERP Gateway from SG Systems is an optional module created to speed up the transfer of electronic data between software systems (customer ERP / MRP or Accounting System and the SG Systems Production Traceability System).

The Gateway module prevents human errors commonly associated with manual traceability paperwork used to support Inventory, Production, Formulas (BOM’s), Sales Orders and Purchase Orders).  In essence, the gateway prevents existing ERP / Accounting software from ‘running blind’.

‘Running blind’ is caused by a lack of real time data from the production floor and is a common cause of unaccountable losses and inaccurate production data.

The gateway application is routinely installed in manufacturing facilities and shares data with popular ERP / Accounting Systems.  The Gateway module typically handles CSV files placed in a shared location on a Windows / Unix server.