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Ingredient Management Systems
January 17, 2015

Ingredient Management System

Matrix Controls are proud to announce that Paramount 21 has chosen Matrix Controls to help ensure 100% traceability for their ingredients and improved consistency for their finished product.

Paramount 21, has developed to become a leading name in the seafood market and a respected brand in the foodservice industry.

The company has rapidly expanded from its early days of packing prawns, and has developed an extensive value added range of fishcakes & seafood products, such as Blanchbait and Whitebait, specifically for the foodservice market.

Paramount is known for creating quality recipes, which are hand-made using only the finest natural ingredients.

This has been demonstrated through the many awards they have won, including Great Taste Awards, British Frozen Food Federation Awards and Sea Fish Awards. Through its dedication to quality and testing, Paramount has held its BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification for over 10 years.

The Management Team at Paramount 21 approached Matrix Controls with a vision of developing a complete factory process control system that would control and manage the food manufacturing process – from raw material received to finished product.

The Paramount 21 solution required the scheduling of works orders to each line in the factory, and then recording the use of recipes and raw ingredients in the creation of each product to provide visibility of production quantities, along with traceability information to meet various quality standards.

The Management Team also required an interface with Paramount 21’s MRP system (Pegasus Opera) for the received ingredient costing and complete and detailed costing for each completed works order.

Ingredient Management System Process

Matrix Controls Receiving Software is installed on a PC and connected to a label printer, removing the need for a paper based booking in system.

The integration with Pegasus Opera (See ERP Integration page for more details) allows cross referencing with purchase orders to ensure supplier compliance while providing price information for later job costing analysis. Labels are generated for received ingredients before being located in frozen or ambient storage.

Receipt of the stock is confirmed to Opera – which returns a confirmed ingredient cost once an invoice relating to the purchase order and delivery is received.

Matrix Controls Ingredient Management System software allows Paramount 21 to control use of ingredients throughout the factory process, saving money through ingredient rotation. Complete visibility of ingredients held on site and its location along with verifiable traceability.

Once work orders are entered into the Matrix Controls Ingredient Management System software, a consolidated ingredient pick list is available – eliminating ingredient shortages by providing adequate notice of shortfalls in ingredients.

Weigh Up and Ingredient Mixing

Paramount 21 installed the Matrix Controls Matrix RFS (Recipe Formulation System) to control the weighing accuracy of ingredients used to make up processed mixes.

The mixes (sauces, spices and other processed ingredients) are weighed up on scales connected to the Matrix Terminals. Work orders are downloaded to the terminals and each ingredient is called for, one at a time. The easy to follow screens utilise simple dial displays and guarantees the elimination situations of ‘too much or too little’.

The system allows the weighed mixes to be combined with bulk fed ingredients at the mixing stage, providing complete traceability for the mixed ingredients prior to the assembly line process.

Matrix Controls comments “Studies have shown that material savings through improved ingredient control are estimated at between 2 & 6%. This puts the return on investment for nearly every system significantly under the 12 month mark.

Removing paperwork from the shop floor and greatly easing the burden associated with legislative and client traceability requirements, in effect, becomes an added bonus to improving the bottom line.”

Assembly Lines

Two ‘multi line’ Matrix Ingredient Management System terminals are located at the production lines to display line specific production orders. The terminals allow completed batches to be combined with other ingredients used during the assembly process, providing complete costing for the jobs and 100% traceability. At this point the ERP System is provided with accurate job costing which in turn can be used for accurate P & L accounting.

Ingredient Management System Reporting

The ‘drill down’ reports allow easy navigation through the newly developed reports suite. The reports allow production summary information, batch specific data and even lot number reports to enable the viewer to see ‘where, when and how’ for all of the ingredients used through the production process.

The reports make a significant contribution towards BRC and Paramount 21 are working towards a completely paperless environment.

Paramount 21’s Financial Director, Jon Phillips comments on the Matrix Controls Ingredient Management System  “We compiled a detailed project requirement to enable us to streamline our processes, expand our ERP to the production floor and achieve complete factory floor traceability.”

“Matrix Controls demonstrated their proven solution and modified their existing Ingredient Management System software to work with and meet our needs 100%.”

“Their attitude and support is second to none and we are delighted with the implemented solution. Above all, we know that the Ingredient Management System solution will take us forward and improve us as a company.” Matrix Controls manufacture a range of weighing solutions which include Recipe Formulation, Average Weight and In-Line Product Inspection Systems.


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