Serialized Product Labeling

GS128 Serialized Product Labeling - Manual or Automatic Apply, ERP Integrated

Serialized Product Labeling

SG Systems V5 Product Labeling System is the perfect way to ensure finished products are identified accurately and consistently, with a direct link to the manufactured batches.

The line side Labeling System can be activated by push button (1 label at a time), bulk print (enter qty manually) or PLC triggered (tray stacker, case erector etc.)

The Labeling System can work stand alone (identifying products using date / time & line number) or fully integrated into the manufacturing process (printing traceable batch numbers)

When line integrated, the Labeling System scans and validates batch numbers providing real time inventory usage and eliminating costly traceability paperwork.  SG Systems provides ERP Integration Services.

The V5 Product Labeling System system provides effortless compliance with BRC, FDA, FSMA, and many other quality standards.

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User Friendly Touch Screens

The simple to use system allows management to schedule a production plan (or import from ERP) to area specific Product Labeling terminals.

The Line Side Product Labeling Terminal Login allows products to be created & labeled with inventory consumed (WIP inventory as well as packaging items).

If connected to a scale, finished products can be checkweighed or catchweighed with ‘target zone only’ printing.   Bulk printing for non weighed items & fully integrated Pallet Manager.

Commodity specific messaging ensures operator confirmation with requirements such as Allergens, HACCP, SQF and SOP.

Label Format Options

The V5 software system supports a limitless amount of label formatting options.  Printing options include Product Name & Description, SKU & Codes, Dates (Production, Expiration, Julian, Custom), Ingredient Declaration / Nutritional Content, Sales Order Numbers, Customer Codes, 20 Definable Fields plus more.

Bar-codes can be printed (1 or more) which include the latest GS128 format, 2D, QR plus a list of historically used bar-codes and symbols (EAN13 etc.)

Company Logo’s, Symbols and Certification Logos’ (USDA, Go Texan, etc.) can be stored in the printer memory and rapidly printed.

Manual apply and high speed print and apply options are available. Inkjet code interfaces (for item or case level traceability) to serial or network devices are available.

Hardware Specifications

The SG15 Touch Screen is a NEMA4X (IP66) heavy industrial computer designed for harsh manufacturing  applications. It is usually supplied with a stainless steel fabricated stand with a built in scale, however the terminal can be supplied and connected to most existing scales and balances using internal connections.

The terminal is constructed using compression seals to maximize ingress protection.  Cables entries are sealed and protected.

The Terminals are supplied with software applications which run on Windows or Linux as a background operating system.

Stainless steel stands, scales and printer enclosures are fully welded and polished to high manufacturing standards.

Supported Peripherals

  • Weighing Equipment (4 x analogue inputs, 4 x serial RS232 inputs).
  • Bar-code Readers (hardwired USB or Bluetooth)
  • Label & RFID Printers (network)
  • Report Printers (network)
  • Temperature Probes (serial RS232)
  • PLC & switchgear (serial or network)


The terminals utilize TCP/IP communications to a database using a wired or wireless LAN.  This allows multiple Terminal to communicate with a central database.  Terminal support is conducted using VNC or RDC.