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Recipe Formulation System at Highland Baking

Matrix Controls is delighted to announce the successful implementation of the V5 Recipe Formulation System at Highland Baking Company. A Recipe Management System is an essential tool for food batch weighing in a bakery environment.

Highland Baking is a successful and well-established family owned business, pioneered by the Rosen Family in 1984 and today run by the companies President & CEO Stu Rosen – a 4th generation baker.

Offering a vast assortment of baked goods, Highland Baking supplies restaurants and convenience stores in the Midwest area from their state-of-the-art facilities (in Northbrook, IL and Spartanburg, SC) with over 500,000sq ft of baking excellence across many production lines.

V5 Formula System with SAGE Integration

The immediate requirements provided to SG Systems centered on maximizing the use of SAGE (Highland Baking’s master ERP) to provide an integration to the Warehouse and Production Facilities – eliminating manual traceability and improving batch consistency. 

Recipe Formulation System | Recipe Management System | Food Batch Weighing

The system, which consists of V5 Enterprise Edition Recipe Formulation System Software operating on the wide area network supporting both sites, allows PO’s to be imported from SAGE in near real time.  This integration allows all received inventory items to be labeled and put away into the correct warehouse locations and eliminates the manual, paper-based QA receiving process. Highland selected to run V5 Software on multiple industrial Tablets with integrated Camera and Barcode Readers.

Recipe Formulation System | Recipe Management System | Food Batch Weighing

In Production, Highland uses 15, V5 Formula System Terminals, connected to the company’s existing scales, barcode readers and label printers.  The company’s formulations and production schedule are downloaded from SAGE to ensure each ingredient is added and weighed at the correct quantity – establishing a zero-mistake culture in food batch weighing and improving product consistency.

QA Director Gabriella Cid Leal comments “Prior to working with V5 Recipe Management System, we spent a lot of time with lot and batch level traceability paperwork.  Manually entering traceability data into SAGE was complicated, time consuming and expensive.  V5 Recipe Formulation System has removed that task and made our warehouse operations much faster and more efficient – our operators find it simple to use and it’s very popular with the team”.

Behind the scenes, the V5 Recipe Formulation System is keeping track of the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of production – delivering traceability and minimizing unaccountable errors which are so common but accepted in the food industry.  Highland Baking Company now has a paperless traceability system that can be relied on for audits to meet their strict internal quality system.

President & CEO Stu Rosen comments “V5 Recipe Formulation System reduces onerous data input tasks and makes our food batch weighing more efficient.  We purchased the system at our Northbrook facility and then when the project was completed, we decided to install the same system into our Spartanburg facility.  Now both facilities are leveraging the benefits of improved batch control and reduced paperwork


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