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Recipe Management Software at ‘Grab the Gold’!

Grab the Gold was created in 1990 by Danielle Ontiveros when she was just 16 years old because she couldn’t find a snack bar that tasted great and kept her full.  Originally developed in her mother’s kitchen, this wholesome recipe grew from humble beginnings to a nationally supplied favorite. To help the business maintain a high degree of quality control and product consistency, Grab the Gold decided to search the market for a Factory MES System and implement the V5 Recipe Management Software from Matrix Controls at their Nashville, TN manufacturing plant.

Formula Security & Recall Protection

The initial requirements for the project centered around Grab the Golds closely guarded formulations.  Paperless traceability for product recall protection was also listed as a key requirement.

The Recipe Management Software, which consists of V5 Professional Edition Software allows the ingredient and packaging inventory to be managed, labeled, and put away into the storage area, while observing strict allergen controls and lot FEFO management.  V5 Factory MES System runs on a regular windows PC with a label printer connected to identify all inventory.

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In Production, 2 V5 Formula System Terminals connect to ensure the correct ingredients are added at the exact quantities, leaving no room for operator error such as missing ingredients out or adding an out of specification quantity. 

CEO, Danielle Ontiveros Comments “Can’t live (and work) without the V5 Recipe Management Software. Internally we refer to it as the “batch terminal” but it is so much more. Eliminated our paperwork (recording) lot codes, provides awesome tracking in case of recalls, and gives us consistency in every batch. When we get audited and/or inspected, traceability and recalls are the easiest parts for us”

In the management office, the V5 Recipe Management Software is keeping electronic records of all production and inventory data – delivering traceability and minimizing unaccountable errors which are very common but normal in the food industry.  Grab the Gold now has a Factory MES System with paperless traceability that can be relied on for audits to meet their strict internal quality system.

What is recipe management?

In food manufacturing, recipe management (sometimes referred to as MES Software or Manufacturing Execution System) is the execution of a list of ingredients or quality assurance steps needed to operate a weighing process. The system prompts operators to combine ingredients in sequence and at certain ratios with tolerances.. Recipe management may involve any process, equipment or material related step but its usually focused on raw material additions with a batch.

What is a recipe management system?

A recipe management system, such as the V5 traceability system is a software program for industrial use that controls the  mixing and batching operators and formula weighing processes related to a company’s production recipes and formulations. The system digitally stores the recipes, manages recipe edits and versions in a structured way designed to eliminate errors and digitally store batch information.

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