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The Blue Sea Food Company implements AuditTec Compliance

Matrix Controls announces the successful implementation of ‘AuditTec Compliance’.  This time at the home of the Devon Crab, The Blue Sea Food Company Limited (Blue Sea).

Blue Sea is the largest crab picking company in the UK and Europe. With a staff of 180, the busy team picks around 2.5 million crabs per year. Blue Sea sells whole cooked crab, crab claws and a range of fantastic crab meats, in addition to live crab and lobster.

AuditTec Compliance

With two processing facilities located in Devon, maintaining accurate quality control standards are paramount.  Blue Sea requires consistent processes for health and safety, compliance and regulation.

For this reason, Blue Sea decided to implement AuditTec Compliance from SG Systems Global. AuditTec Compliance is a cloud-based audit management system designed to make audits and regulatory compliance much simpler and more secure than the regular Excel or paper-based audit reporting. The system guarantees that only the latest approved published audits are used, eliminating the scenario of operators entering data into expired versions.

66 Operators & 147 Active Audits

AuditTec Compliance is used by Quality Assurance and Compliance personnel across both of Blue Sea’s HACCP accredited sites. 66 Operators rely on the software on a regular basis to conduct approximately 700 audits. AuditTec Compliance manages responses and alerts management for any occurring non-conformances.

The audits play a key role in helping Blue Sea to achieve BRC standards, GMP milestones and comply with problematic and tedious audits digitally, removing the time and material costs of previous paper-based systems. 

Site Feedback

Because AuditTec Compliance is cloud based, Blue Sea (and any remote auditors, such as BRC inspectors) can review the level of audit compliance across both sites at a local level and as a collective group. Completed audits can easily be generated from the cloud base portal which hosts a dashboard of completed audit performance data and open non conformances. 

Technical Manager, Simon Law states “We have been using AuditTec Compliance for the past 2 years. Initial set up was very straightforward and a great opportunity to completely review our internal audit system. The AuditTec Compliance implementation was easy, using exiting devices across both of our sites.”

Audits are backed up with multiple collected images (from the device cameras) which helps to validate Operator responses.

Technical Manager, Simon Law states “AuditTec Compliance is easy to use and transparent. If an audit has not been completed or a non-conformance is raised, the relevant personnel are notified in real time. The systems reporting tools and the ability to export data provides timely information to our senior team and enables us to quickly identify areas where improvements are required. One unforeseen benefit is that the transparency of the system has encouraged some healthy competition, contributing to improvements to our food safety culture.”

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